19 Jun 2009

Go Me! It's My Birthday

I'm up bright an early on this sparkly morning ready to do lots of work, but I'm taking a half day as it's my birthday, I figure we'll go to dinner and then for a few pints, nothing crazy. Una, my lovely helper, was over yesterday and we got loads of work done. I got dug into an order for a mother of the bride dress that I got a commission for. Quite a daunting task but I'm really happy with how it's going, and Una was a great help fixing the neckline(which I was finding a bit terrifying). I'll try to get time to take photos before I deliver it next week. We also got working on this great blue velvet vintage dress that I found ages ago in a charity shop for only a fiver! I'm totally in love it it, but as it's a Size 6(US size 4) it would maybe just fit on my arm.
In other news I got this fantastic book on Vintage Fashion as a present from a friend of mine for my birthday, it was such a surprise when the postman arrived with it...it totally made my week!
Update: Una Just arrived with a present of lovely sewing bits on bobs, such a surprise!


  1. Aw Happy Birthday!!
    Hope you have a great time! :)

  2. Hi, and Happy Birthday from a fellow Limerick based Blogger! I've been reading your blog and believe I've probably visited your stall on Bedford.....and oh so agree with you on the price of bits in Hickeys, I've been in Limerick 2yrs now and still miss the haberdashery in John Lewis and I'm not a pro!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Ruth! Are we going to see you round the Hometown any time soon?

  4. Happy Birthday Ruth, hope you had a great evening

  5. hope you had a great birthday, and that the sewing bits and bobs are good

  6. My birthday is June 19 too!!!


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