18 Jun 2009

Oh Goody Supplies

Just a quick post today, as you may suspect from my last post, I'm very busy at the moment. Lots of sewing, but also lots of shopping....supplies shopping, my favorite kind! On the bad end of the scale I went to Hickey yesterday and paid their extortionate prices for some lace and material, unfortunately I had to buy some very specific colours so I had nochoice but to hand over the money. As you can tell I try to avoid that place as much as possible: long queues and huge markups. Instead, when I was on a trip at home last week I popped into The Woolen Mills in Dublin and got some great trimmings, and a great deal on thread-10 large spools for only 20 euro! And just down the quay is The Yellow Brick Road where I got a great deal on brooch pins, 200 for only 30 euro.

I've also been a bit trigger happy with some online shopping. I got some great stuff off Lupin, beautil felt and trimming and really good prices too.

I also bought a handmade pouch for my cash at the market. I was really sick of wearing a really ugly bag, so I looked online and found this great belt/bag which is just perfect for holding my float.

I have at last sunmitted to the ebay bug, and I went mad buying buttons(and a few dvds too!)


  1. Ughhh I LOVE the woolen mills but haven't been to Dublin in ages! :(

  2. That money pouch is beautiful, what a gorgeous colour.

  3. The new money pouch looks great! I'm with you on Hickeys - ridiculous prices when compared to ebay and never have what I'm looking for!

  4. ive brought quite a lot of buttons off of ebay...its a bit scary how easy it is tho'! good luck with your extra stock, kind of feel like we are in the same boat...theres just never enough time is there??


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