8 Jun 2009

Market Marketing

I had a great day yesterday at the market yesterday, even though it was very quiet footfall-wise I still did good business. With Elton John playing in Thomond park the previous night it brought in a few new people(and customers) to the city. One of these said customers owns a cafe and craft shop call Kraft Kaffee in Co.Meath, and she took a few of my brooches and mirrors to sell in her shop. It's very handy to sell smaller items to shops as they don't take as much time to make but they can be a good little cash crop, so to speak. There is another possible lead on selling to another shop, but it's all very vague at the moment, so hopefully I'll have more news on that later.

1 comment:

  1. congratulations on the sales! hope the other shop works out


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