24 Apr 2010

Handmade Cards

I was a busy lady again making more stock for the market. Since I went back to the Bedford Row market I've only had a small box of handmade cards with me, but I want to start using my very snazzy card stand again. But that means having the stock to fill it! So I knuckled down and used up lots of the lovely paper I've been hoarding. I also went browsing through my many editions of the Sunday Times Style suppliment for images to used in my collage cards. I got about 40 made in the past day and a half. Here are a few examples, and if you want to see all of them just head to this facebook album. I spent the past two hours taking and editing photos, as I think I'll list them on my Etsy shop. I know there is lots of people selling cards on Etsy, but there is no harm in trying eh?....ever the optomist!


  1. My girls use the Sunday supplements for all sorts of art work, and also Vogue magazines as the Enable Ireland Shop often has them and the quality id (obviously!) good. Itake magazines into school as well for all sorts of art work- but I have to say the quality isn't exactly Etsy standard...These cards are great fun!

  2. 40 made in less than two days?! You're a machine! I'm the biggest hoarder of pretty papers too...I'm always "saving" them for something really great!? It's goofy.

    Good luck with card sales in the aul etsy shop ♥

  3. That is cool. I also love using cutouts in my card making sessions.

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