9 Apr 2010

I am a Machine...kinda

It seems I turned into a brooch making machine this week, I went into total over-drive on Wednesday and Thursday and made all of these brooches. It was really nice to sit in my studio and listen to loads of my audiobook, I'm currently on book 9 of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. It was also really relaxing to have a set methodical routine, all I had to choose was nice colour combiations, and root through my huge stash for cute buttons...oh what a lovely chore! I think I've changed my mind I might list a few of them in the shop and see if there is any interest. I've never bothered before because there are so many people selling brooches on Etsy there didn't seem to be a point. But there have been lots of lovely comments on facebook/twitter/blog about them so I'll give it a shot next week. Now in preparation for the market on Sunday I've to go into card making over-drive, if only it was Christmas, I have lots of those cards.

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  1. I'm drooling over the photos of the brooches again! Can't wait to see my red and navy one when it comes. Delighted the market went well for you. Oh and I had to smile when I read you're listening to the Wheel of Time books - my boyfriend LOVES them and suggested just this weekend that he'd get me the audiobooks instead of his big heavy books, so I can catch up the easy way :)


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