16 Apr 2010

Speedy Gonzales

I have just entered the modern era,I got a 15mb connection. I can't quite believe how fast it is. At them moment I'm uploading photos to my facebook fanpage, before this was a horrible chore that I avoided. Now it's a breezy easy thing that just takes a couple of minutes. Up until now I've been working with one of those wireless plug-ins from 3G, I was paying 20 euro a month for a service that made me want to pull my hair out, and unfortunately we were tied to a contract. As soon as that was finished I rang NTL and Eircom to see what was on offer, after comparing the prices I went with NTL. After having a funny conversation with the telesales guy who couldn't understand that we don't have, and don't want a television, I decided on getting their package of 15mb broadband, and a phone line for only 46 euro/month. After a brief glitch of the the internet not working initially, it now working perfectly.
So to anyone suffering through slow internet speeds I highly recommend the switch, it's worth every penny, especially when I think of all those grey hairs I was getting with 3G.

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