21 Apr 2010

A bounty of Treasuries

I went a bit treasury mad on Etsy over the past couple of days. I'm loving their new Treasury East function, which allows you to have more items on show, and there is no expiration date. That means it stays in the archive forever, and there is no need to queue up to get one...how great is that? I'm not sure they've really caught on yet, it's been a long time since I was in the forums on Etsy so I don't know what everyone thinks about them. Personally I think they are a lovely way to keep your favs together, or to currate a look for the new season. My first stab was inspired by my friend Orla's raincoat. So I picked lots of garden red and green items. I really like the fun elements in it too.
Check it out here, please click and comment.

Today I knabbed a regular treasury, I currated it in a homage to the sunshine we have been having of late in Ireland. I included about 5 members from the Etsy Ireland team and I then sprinkled in a few other sunny picks from Etsy.
Please click here to view, and click and comment to your hearts content.
Enjoy the lovely sunshine-may it last!


  1. I think they are both lovely. I haven't done a Treasury yet, but I'm tempted! I laughed at you doing two in one day, you were obviously on a roll!

  2. Hi! Check out my blog to claim your blog award!



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