6 Apr 2010

Blog Tweaking

In a further attempt to make this blog a little more user friendly I have added some new labels down the side to try to help catagorize the clutter that was forming in the sidebar. I would love to be able to afford a total redesign making this a .com address and cleaning the blog into handy tabs. But for the meantime this will have to suffice. Hopefully it makes all the items a bit clearer. I also tried to install one of those animated cloud tags that rotates when you float over it but it wouldn't load. Maybe I was stretching my techy ability. I've been chatting with a few people lately about the whole website/blog thing. I have a website that I built myself a couple of years ago, it's really terrible and I have no clue how to edit it. I paid a grand to learn how to build it, I just wish I would have had the sense to use that money to pay someone else to build it. Back then I had no clue about blogs, starting one then would have been much better, and then I would have had a better idea of what I needed from a website. The coarse I did was really terrible and left me with no useful knowledge on how to build a decent website. I'm a little mortified to link to it, but here you go, click and have a giggle....have some pity it was my first and only attempt.


  1. Well i think that was a rather swell website, actually! And this one is so cute and colorful, love it ♥ Thanks for the tip on paying someone, I've been thinking about doing that myself.

  2. Hey Ruth, a friend of mine is building my website for me. As you have yours already made, I'm sure she would be able to assist you in updating yours if you were interested. She's really talented and has a Masters in Media and Design so she knows her stuff!! if you're interested, give me a shout and I'll pass her details on to you! :)

  3. Thanks Ruby!

    Rebecca-thanks :)
    I don't think I can afford it at the mo, but it might be good to get a quote off her, bearing in mind I would give her all the elements pre-designed I would just need the coding done. I would love to get Sabrina Dent(she works in Ireland and has won lots of awards for her design, really user friendly and cute) to do it, but I think she is a little out of my non existant budget.


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