20 Apr 2010

Getting Organised

I usually bring some sewing with me to the market for two reasons. 1: So people can see that the pieces are made by me, and not by children in a sweatshop! I ended up talking to lots of customers at the market because the tell me stories about their mothers sewing lots, or their grannies button boxes, it's fun! 2: Sometimes it can get really boring if it's quiet and I would prefer to be doing something contructive rather that staring at the stall holder across from me. What I've been doing before was to bung a load of felt, thread and buttons into a box, and work things out when I got there. This mostly led to me making either ugly brooches that didn't match, or lots of half finished pieces. I was over at my favourite blog Lupin and she showed her whip box of tricks. She pre-cuts and bags all her pieces. Genius!!! I tried it on Sunday and I got loads made, with no waste. So yesterday I pre-cut 30 brooches, bagged them up, and they are ready to go. When they are finished all I do is staple a tag onto the bag and they are ready to sell, how handy is that??

Ps: there is a possibility of me maybe getting a pitch at the much sought after Saturday Milk Market in Limerick....if all of you could collectively cross your fingers for me I might be in with a chance!


  1. ohh would love to see you at the Saturday Market!! :)

  2. my fingers and toes are crossed Ruth

  3. fingers and toes crossed for yiu! and your preparation sounds very organised!

  4. yep me too!..... elbows, knees, thumbs and toes crossed for you! ;)


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