10 Apr 2010

1950's Pin-ups

Here are some cards I made yesterday. They are collaged together from some lovely paper I got in my local craft shop, odds and ends of ribbon, and a great 1950's pin-up book that I got in HMV about a year ago. I carefully cut around the ladies and then root through my box of papers to find patterns and colours that will match them. I also got a great label maker in Lidl ages ago, so I make sarcastic little comments for some of them. I'm also using my new stamp for the back of the cards instead of including a business card. This is way better as the recipient sees the logo and not just the sender. I really love making cards, I know there is not much money to be made from them compared to the time and materials that go into each one, but I enjoy it too much to stop making them.

I'll be selling them tomorrow at the Sunday Market in Limerick City, on Bedford Row, 12-5pm. They are 4 euro each or 3 for 10 euro, 0r if you wish to buy them online just contact me. This is my first week back at the market since Christmas Eve, I always get a little nervous going back, which is silly I know. It will be really nice to see all the other stall holders again, as there is a lovely sense of community between us. There is a great mix of gourmet foods and handcrafts on sale. I'll try to remember to bring my camera so I can post somepictures for you guys.

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  1. Those cards are outrageous! They will probably sell like hotcakes- or hot-tarts!!!!Good luck with the Market- know what you mean about being nervous, I'm the same!


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