22 Apr 2010

300 Things to Say

Well this is my 300th post!! I can't quite believe it, I've been doing this now for about a year and a half so that's not too bad going really. So I'm celebrating by having a 'Things I love Thursday' post.

My Friend Ann: For telling me about the most amazing drink a few years ago- guinness and port. It's best with a single measure of post in a half pint of guinness. Yummy yummy, I was drinking lots of it last night, we proclaimed that it tasted like a raspberry coffee dessert. I mostly consider it a Winter drink, but the mood took me as I had been previously been drinking red wine.

John:For being a hero when he came home from football and getting rid of the nasty big spider. Just as I was sitting down to watch a film I noticed a giant black monster scutttling across out white tiled floor. I was brave enough to put a glass over him. But my hungover addled brain didn't want to deal with it anymore than that. So thanks baby!

Tidy Spaces: Last week I eventually sorted out all the buttons I bought last year! A friend gave me an old chest of drawers so I colour coded and sorted all the buttons. It's so much easier to work with them now. I'm also eagerly awaiting my next delivery so I really had to sort out the old stuff. I think I need at least one more set of drawers though.

Music: Last night I listened to a song I haven't heard in ages. Your Next Bold Move by Ani Difranco, beautiful and inspirational. Above is a live version I just found on youtube.

Close Contenders: blue cheese dressing from luigi malones, watching soppy movies, buying new shampoo so I don't have to squeeze and shake the old one.

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  1. great TiLT. I love when you get to listen to a song you haven't heard in ages.


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