1 Mar 2012

Barbootsale This Saturday

I'm doing a junk clear out, and trying to make a few quid while I'm at it. My friend Nora runs a pretty cool event called The Barbootsale(like a car boot sale without the car, with a bar and DJ instead!). I've talked about it before in this post, and bought some cool things at it too, but I've never sold anything at it. After my mammoth clear out recently I've had a bunch of clothes sitting in a pile in my room waiting for someone else who will love them. I've also decided to sell off lots of my cds as I don't listen to them anymore and I have them all on my computer already. I also have a sony mp3 player that I'm tempted to sell....but I'm in two minds.
To beef up the selection I'll take some books from Bazaar Tales, and also some button rings too as I think they will be popular with the crowd. Stuff better beware in my house over the next couple of days, if it's not nailed down it's likely to be shipped off to the barbootsale.

If I get at all organised I might take some photos of the clothes and post them on facebook to drum up a bit of pre-sale excitement.

It's on this Saturday in 31 Thomas Street (aka Dr.John's), and it's 2-6pm.

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