8 Mar 2012

Respect The Beard

Just in case you've been living in a cave for the past year and didn't realise, beards are very in. We've all seen the whole hipster 'tache thing that's been going on for ages, but lets face it mustaches are not particularly sexy, unless you want to look like you are in a 70's porno movie. But I've always been rather attracted to men with beards, and now that they are in fashion they are everywhere, woohoo more eye candy for me. Above is a picture of John with a bushier version of his normal beard, apparently he has been getting lots of compliments from the ladies about the size of his facial hair. Whereas a few years ago most of his friends slagged him for looking like a caveman/homeless.

Some handsome men eye candy for you....

Alexander Skarsgard

Ray Lamontagne

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  1. Beards ARE sexy! If I was a man, I would grow all sorts of facial hair styles for fun :-)
    Thank you for featuring my Irishman among these handsome fellas!

    1. I would too, I don't understand why some men are clean shaven their whole lives, would they not be tempted to give it a try??

  2. Thanks for including my Beards of the World linocut. I like to think I was ahead of the pack as I made it in 2005 but of course beards have been around a little longer than that!

    1. I LOVED your print! I did printmaking in college for my degree, and I really miss it, but I just can't find the time anymore since I started my business. I miss the smell of the print room, it feels like home


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