5 Mar 2012

Happy Barbootsale

 This is me looking very delighted with myself at the Barbootsale in Dr.John's on Saturday. Notice the delightful pint on Plain in my hand, it's like Guinness but a whole lot nicer. It was a really fun day, as most of the other sellers are friends of mine. It was a treat to have a few drinks, lots of chat, do a bit of shopping while still technically working.
Mostly I was just selling clothes, cds, dvds scarves and books, but I also decided at the last minute to include some of my crafts.
 This are my newest collection, last week I made up a bunch of shrink plastic adjustable rings. They were really popular so I'll definitely be making more, I just need to order more ring blanks.

Some lovely crafty thing from Jess of Bettyoctopus, I got one of her adorable necklaces last year.

Very pretty things from Oh Sew Pretty...I have four of Ericka's cushions in my house and I want more!
Earrings by Orla Redican of Farapinalia, I have lots of these earrings, I think I might even be addicted to buying them.

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