29 Mar 2012

What I'm Wearing: Retro Floral Dress

I wore this new dress out the other night for John's birthday, a little dressy for a Tuesday night but it's new so I REALLY wanted to wear it. I was sick a few weeks ago and was unable to go for lunch with my Mum while she was visiting. So instead she popped over with a voucher for The Edge and told me to buy something nice, aren't Mothers amazing? The Edge is my favourite clothes shop, it's the only place in Limerick to buy alternative clothes, the prices are great, and it's in the Milk Market so I'm there every week(which is pretty dangerous).

It's a really well structured dress so it holds and sucks in all the right places. It's a little shorter than I normally wear but the netting makes it seem longer. It was a total steal at only €29! This is the first time I've gone for this retro looking hair style, but I'll definitely do it again as it was super easy. I took this pic before putting on my red lipstick, with that the ensemble looked very retro.

Dress: The Edge at an amazing €29
Earrings: Vintage from Alexia McInerny at a vintage fair for €10
Shoes: Leavys for €10 plus red ribbon in Hickeys €2
Tights: Polka dot tights in Debenhams €6

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  1. ...those shoes are incredibly beautiful!!!!!

    1. Thanks! And they are really comfy too, I wore them from 6pm till about 4am with them hurting, they are great for dancing too

  2. Love this Ruth, you look great!

  3. Retro floral dresses are beautiful stuff to look at and at ease to wear. It indicates a beautiful season to live on.


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