15 Mar 2012

Crazy Cactus Pincushions

Here is the newest addiction to my ever growing pincushion collection. Ever since I got these little terracotta I've been wanting to make a cactus for it. Did you know it was the first plant I ever grew as a child? I even got it to flower, I was so proud of myself, it's the only green fingered achievement of my life to date, much to the chagrin of my gardening Goddess Mother.

As with any new design I did a couple of test prototypes to see what size they needed to be, and went through a bit of tweaking. Then I made out my template and got my production line rolling. I made 20 of these little fellas, but I made all the faces individual. I have a mix mustached Mexicans, eye-shadow girls,  lipstick ladies, crazy grins, sad faces, laughing loons, and crooked teeth ghouls.

It seems I have an obsession with pincushions as I have even more ideas to expand the line...watch this space!

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