14 Mar 2012

What I'm Wearing: Stripes

This is a rarity, a what I'm wearing post where I have make-up on. I've only started wearing in again over the past year or so, but since my skin is so sensitive I really only do it about once every two months of so. Otherwise my skin would be even worse than it already is...darned allergies!

These are some oldies that I dug out of the closet, I vaguely remember getting the dress in Dunnes and the waistcoat in Pennies, but it's so long ago I've no idea how much I paid for them. For once I remembered to wear some of my own creations,adding a splash of red with a button ring and one of my brooches.

I wore this the other night when I went to see Wallis Bird in Dolans. Firstly I'd like to thank my friend Peter who gave me the tickets at the last minute as he couldn't make it to the gig. He works for Spin South-West and interviewed Wallis earlier that day, he said that she was incredibly friendly and down to earth.

This was absolutely fantastic, she has an amazing voice, and a really energetic band that suit the music perfectly. Her fans all seem to be uber fans, with most of the crowd knowing all the lyrics to her songs, which made for an electric atmosphere.  

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  1. gorgeous!! lookin quite sassy and new wave xx


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