30 Apr 2012

What I'm Wearing: A Head Scarf

I saw this Pin last week on Pinterest of a girl wearing a 1950's style head scarf and decided I wanted to take the leap and try it. I've always thought they were adorable but wasn't sure if I could pull it off.  I think I managed it pretty well, I wore it with casual clothes sans make-up on my way down town to meet a friend for coffee. But I think it would also look great with a little make-up and some red lippy and eyeliner.

Ages ago I watched this fantastic hair tutorial on Youtube(which I quite obviously didn't do) but part of it was advice on how to tie a head scarf. She recommended that you use two clips at the side to hold it in place. I used matching red button hair clips, how predictable am I? As my hair is quite fine I used a couple of slide to boost the front of my hair just a little bit so it didn't look too flat. I also pulled out a few scraggly bits at the ears to messy it up a bit. The scarf itself was just a bit of scrap fabric I had lying about the place.

By the way the glasses are from Pennies, what a find! They were only a few quid, and they are the cutest shade of duck egg blue.

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  1. Cute! I wear them occasionally but they seem to fall off whatever I do - I guess more hairclips is the answer. Love the sunnies too, I just bought some cats eye ones as well.

  2. Such a cute scarf! I use hairclips to keep mine in place too - otherwise it goes skew-iff so quickly!

  3. Looks good to me! And very cheerful!
    Since we're that much further north than yourself, we have to tie all out garments on for fear of losing them in the wind....and you thought farmers used twine on their trews cos they couldn't find their belt???Silly you!!!!!!!


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