18 Nov 2009

I Have a Question

Ok so I know I'm gonna be offending some people with this post but I'm really baffled so I have to ask. Fake Tan....why? I think we are all agreed the the home job is universally awful, I've seen enough scabby looking knees and elbows to put me off the idea for life. But I see masses of women with well applied fake take, that was probably done in a salon but I think it looks dreadful. I can accept a light layer that gives a healthy glow in the Winter time but I really don't understand the ooompa loompa look. Obviously peole who are paying their hard earned money for it think it looks great. But I really don't get it. Earlier this year I was working for the Junior Cert results night in the restaurant, this involved serving gagles of 15 year old girls. I think with the exception of one table all the girls had neon orange skin, and nasty highlights. It just made me feel very sad for them that they felt they were not pretty enough just to be themselves and not try to warp themselves into some warped Jordan prototype. (Note I'm only confused by the attraction to fake tan, I'm not even going near the topic of sunbeds which at this stage should really be banned)

Somebody please explain as maybe I'm missing some vital point of this mad behaviour!


  1. i have no idea why they wear it! theres a troop of them that come into the cinema i work in and i swear they are soo orange that when people stand next to them they turn orange too. your right it is sad that they cant be happy about themselves.

  2. I'm baffled by it as well.

    I'm all for a healthy glow, but seems some people just don't know when to stop. It's not limited to the ladies either. There are some rusty lookin' fellas out there!

  3. a bit of bronzer is fine to warm you up a bit but im totally against the fake tan..i remember my mother maade me get it done for my debs years ago and i was so orange and unhappy with how i looked..i didnt look like me!!..and even where i work now there is an amount of people coming in to buy tan..i tested it on my hand and had a big orange blob for the renst of the day that would come off..awful!..dont be confused its just awful!

  4. well, I kinda need a "bita tan" as I have the pastiest legs known to human kind - in saying that i don't plaster it on...and these days I'm wearing tights, can be bothered putting it on, too much work for me!!....but I did get served by a girl in Guineys (my first and LAST time there) yesterday and she was CAKED in it....even her hands were ompa loompa!!! tut tut!

  5. I really dislike large swathes of the population. We disagree on all sorts of issues and beliefs. If I were to take the time to personally get to know them before I made a concerted decision to dislike them, it'd take ages and then maybe it'd be awkward. The really simple solution to this is making them wear some sort of symbol to identify themselves. If they took off their coat or something I could still be tricked.

    Then all of a sudden they find a way past this, to paint themselves bright orange. Like human traffic cones. To be avoided at all costs. I salute them at least for this.


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