13 Nov 2009

Things I love Friday

I've decided to do a random things I like post inspired by Magatha-May's Things I love Thursday.

1. Twilight- yes of have joined the screaming hoards of teenagers and developed more than a little love for this teenage vampire story. I listened to the audiobooks this month, which of course led me to watch the film with the entertaining eye candy of Robert Pattison. I know it's a bit sad but it brings me back to my days as a teenage goth when I was obsessed with The Crow. As my friend called it today, 'cozy safe popcorn that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside'.

2. Warmth- as much as I love are lovely white house with open plan living, it's bloody freezing this time of year. Lots of glass, high ceilings, and a budget on the amount we can afford on heating is leaving me walking around with lots of layers of jumpers and blue lips. A part of me is missing the coziness of our little flat. Only a small part though, as aesthetics always wins out with me.

3. Kris-kindle- this genius idea is saving me a fortune this year. Usually I buy presents for my 3 siblings, their spouses, their kids, my parents, John, his family, and about 8 other close friends. Which all adds up to about 25 people give or take a few. Which is pretty pricey! So this year all I have to get is one present for a family member, presents for the kids, John, one friend, and Johns family! Yey, it's so much easier, less stressful and I can spend time choosing presents that people really want rather than panic buying on x-mas eve.

4. My Filofax- anybody that knows me from college would laugh if they heard I owned one of these. In my head it seems like such a grown up thing, like a mortgage or having children. I'm trying to become a reformed scatter brain. I try very hard, but sometimes I fail miserably and things fall by the wayside. So after bitching and moaning to John about how I've loads to remember and sort out he went into town and bought me a beautiful red leather filofax. It's brilliant, I have all my deadlines, projects, addresses and phone numbers in the same place. Why didn't I get one years ago!!


  1. I dont know what i would do without my big organiser..i would forget everything!

  2. oh yeah i hate the cold. but then i hate the sun.... oh i'm never happy!

  3. i know what you mean about the twilight books! im getting stick from by friends for reading them and looking forward to the film...its all about jacob for me!

  4. yea, thanks for the shout out Ruth. I am completely agreeing with your love of your filofax. I'd completely lost without mine... which reminds me... I really should head to Easons and get some refills soon.

  5. Stuffednonsense- ha, yeah my boyfriend gave me loads of stick about them!

    Dee- me too I'm a disaster like all the 3 goldilocks bears in one


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