26 Nov 2009

I Know Why Men Don't Shop

I spent all of yesterday shopping with my boyfriend John. We are going to a wedding just before Christmas and we needed to get him a suit. Thankfully we got the hard part done very easily and quickly. On the way into town we popped into the mens shop at the bottom of our street and he got a beautiful navy pinstripe suit which was in the half price sale. Now I know why poeple go to proper shops with assistants, they can tell by looking at you what size you are, show you what they have, and they are really pleasant. So all we had left to do was get a shirt, and maybe an over coat. Sounds simple right? Oh no, there is that awful issue of sizes, everything is massive, and really badly organised. God forbid you would ever want to buy something that fits properly! Also the selection of clothes ranges from beige to bland to vomit.
I will from now on totally understand when John comes home exasperated after a simple shopping task. I'm so glad I'm a girl and we have things like colour and cut in our clothes.

On a side note I'm toying with the idea of buying a new dress to go to the wedding. It's 110 euro, but I'm broke and I really shouldn't be spending that kind on money when I have a perfectly good dress in the wardrobe.

So to dress or not to dress?


  1. perhaps you could drop a huge hint and get some of the new dress for christmas??

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