22 Nov 2009

Market Cancelled

Sorry to anyone who went down to the Sunday Market today on Bedford Row. It was cancelled due to the horrendous weather forecast. Unfortunately that street it's on is a bit of a wind tunnel, and I've seen four of those green canopys (all still attached to each other) go flyying down the street. It can be pretty dangerous in weather like this, and it's just not worth the risk of damage, or taking someones eye out. We really hate cancelling this close to Christmas but it has to be done. But we'll all be there with bells on next week 12-5pm, as usual.
On the upside it did mean I got to have a lovely lie in, which was much needed after the market yesterday at Winterfest. What I had thought was going to be a wet day, turned out to be pretty dry. But it was a constant battle against the wind and I'm surprised our gazebo stayed up for the day. We had all of our rails and tables bungee corded together, with loads of sandbags. Aside from the weather it was a nice day, and it's always good to meet new customers (just unfortunate that I told about 50 people I would be down at the market today!).

Thanks to those who came down, and hopefully I'll see you on Bedford Row next week.
(thanks to the Limerickblogger for the image)

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