28 Nov 2009

New Markets

I'm gonna be a busy bee over the next few weeks. I just got confirmation today that I'll be doing the markets in UL over the Christmas. So any of you fine folk who are studying hard over December, pop into the courtyard between 11pm and 5pm every Tuesday. I'm also meant to be taking part in a market being held in the Art College in Claire St. That's meant to be 9th Dec, but I havn't heard much about it so I'm waiting to confirm that. I'll also be doing 'show your business' on Friday 11th December in Bank of Ireland on O Connell St, in Limerick. It sounds kinda odd to be honest, basically I stand about the bank all day trying to sell my lovely wares to customers. It could be good, it could be dire, hard to tell with something like that. On top of all that I'll still be doing the Sunday Market every week!! Hopefully this year we will get a permit extension and be able to sell every day on Bedford Row in the week coming up to Christmas, but I'll hear more about that tomorrow.
Somewhere in there I've to squeeze in time to go to 2 weddings, a birthday party, do all my Christmas shopping, oh and make things too!! To be honest I'm really glad things are busy, the way all the talk was going I was starting to think there would be no Christmas rush, and that Santa may have been killed by either swine flu or the recession.

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  1. I love the market in UL — it's been the source of many sweet treats over the last term :) I'll be sure to pop over and say hey if I see you in December!


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