20 Nov 2009

More Things I Like

I'm gonna do another things I like Friday, since I enjoyed the last one so much. I may turn it into a regular thing I'm not sure, depends if I like that many things, ha! Kudos again to Magatha-May for the idea that I stole from her Things I like Thursday.

-Fresh sheets: It's such a little thing, but it's so nice. It's a mixture of the smell and the crispness, and I'm convinced it makes the bed a little bit warmer. It's just a shame I HATE changing the bed covers or I would have this joy more often.

-Reading. I've always been a bit reader, my mother joined us all up at the Library at the age of 4. I read a very strange mix of books. I read lots of fantasy like Robert Jordan, Tad Williams, Tolkien etc. But then I'm always drawn to the booker prize type of book. I like to break up the fantasy with something a little more weighty. I think it's because we decided not to get a tv when we moved into the new house that I've been reading so much recently. Here's a few good ones I read recently
A Spot of Bother-Mark Haddon
On Beauty- Zadie Smith
We Need to Talk About Kevin- Lionel Shriver
Cell-Stephen King

-Star Trek: At this stage I'm sure you know I'm a bit of a nerd. I own all of Star Trek Next Generation on Dvd! What this refers to is the new Star Trek Movie, which is fantastic! I saw it in the cinema, but the other day John came home and said 'close your eyes, and put out your hands'. Low and behold he had bought the new movie on dvd, yey!

-Chocolate: I've really tried to cut down the last two weeks, but I miss it to much. I think I'll wait till the rain passes and then take a stroll to the shop and get some. Mmmm some coffee too would be good.


  1. Oh I love fresh sheets too! Hmmmm... might just stick a fresh set on tonight.


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