15 Jul 2010

It's All, like, Connected Dude

As anyone who runs an Etsy shop knows balancing creating and listing is very time consuming. Add to that the time put into running a blog and a twitter/fanpage and all those minutes/hours take away from your time creating work. That's why I was so delighted recently when I found a few applications that helped me link it all together. Firstly I found Networked Blogs on facebook, which automatically posts a link on my fanpage everytime I publish a new blog post. About a moth later I found their option to also post my blog posts on my twitter account. This has definitely increased my readership and makes me wish I knew about this a year ago!!Last week I found the final element, an application that publishes my fanpage updates to my twitter, which is ideal as I put in much more work into my fanpage than my twitter. It means I can pretty much leave my twitter account alone for a while if I'm really busy but my updates are still fairly regular. All I have to do now is figure out how to get more fans and followers!! When I think back to when I started I really didn't have much clue, I let myself stumble along for too long not knowing much, I really should have put in some research and figured this all out ages ago.

To anyone thinking about setting up a fanpage I would really recommend it, as I hit a completely different audience that my blog readers. It seems like everyone is on it these days and it's a very easy and free way of communicating with your customers. I have just over 670 fans in the space of a few months, it involved a little bit of work every day, but nothing majorly time consuming like a blog.

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