10 Jul 2010

Guilty Pleasure: Twilight Eclipse

Last night I dragged John to see Twilight Eclipse, it's my first of the series that I got to see in the cinema and I was quite excited to see it. I really shouldn't have gone on opening night but I really wanted to go to the cinema, and I didn't want to wait a couple of weeks until I had a free night again. Let me first preface all this by explaining why on earth, at the age of 28, I like these films. About a year ago the curiosity got the better of me and I listened to them on audiobook, because I had bought so many books the guy threw in the Twilight series for free. I think this was around the time of the second film coming out and I had to know what all the mounting hysteria was about. I listened to them and simultaneously loved and hated them, they are written really badly with cringe worthy moments in them. But the 16 year old goth version of me loved them, and the insanely over the top unapologetic romanticism is quite enjoyable. I didn't expect to like the films, but they had that same attraction; awful but really enjoyable at the same time. At this point I must note that I thought the acting in the first film was tragically wooden, thank god it has improved somewhat.

There is much more humour in this film than in the others, which I think was needed. Particularly the 'virgin' scene with Bella's dad, and the 'tent' scene with 'hot' jacob and cold Bella. Thankfully they realised how corny it is that Jacob walks around for half the film with barely any clothes, and they took the piss out of it. I think they made a good stab of making a film from a bad book where nothing really happens. It's the worst of the series, and even in the book it felt like filler to get between the love story and the grand finale. When we got out of the cinema John was baffled at how they could spend two hours doing basically nothing. Having said that the fans will enjoy it, there is enough muscley bicep bits of Jacob, soft focus swarthy shots of Edward, and drippy moody ponderings of Bella to keep them all happy.
On the down side, I have to agree with Nuvonova about the performance of Dakota Fanning, in the second film I thought she was great and I was looking forward to how she would expand on this, but I thought her character (pardon the pun) was dead and flat. Which is really disappointing as she is such an intriguing side character in the book. As always the performance of the guy who plays Charlie was impeccable, he really is one of the best things about the film, so funny and dry.

No doubt I will watch it again on dvd and be just as excited by the next two films(yes they are splitting the last book into two movies), it's a guilty pleasure I know. But one that half of the female population of the world seems to share in. Next time I won't bring John though, I think it was too much of a cruel and unusual punishment for him.

Ps:on a side note I really want the patchwork blanket Bella mother gives to her, so cute!!


  1. I went yesterday too and I have to agree with you on everything... I´m also wondering why I love this series so much (I´m 35!) but yes, the teenager in me is the reason... believe me you won´t change that much from 28 to 35...
    Anyway you wrote exactly my thoughts, thanks!

  2. Great review Ruth. I went last night! Seeing as we're sharing: Hi I'm Beth, I'm 30 and I unashamedly love Twilight...
    When the first film came out I hadn't read the books, but since then have watched and read everything I can get my hands on. It's so weird to love and hate something at the same time like this! I was cringeing, wringing my hands and rolling my eyes for most of the film, but then came out afterwards and thought - when can we go again?!

  3. Glad to hear I'm not crazy!! I'll have to take a trip home to watch the next one as all my old school friends love it.


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