16 Jul 2010

The 'C' Word in July

I showed you my wip box before in this post,that I bring it to the market on Fridays and Sundays. Things down there have been pretty quiet lately so I've gotten lots of felt brooches made while I was working at the stall. It's really good to know that I have a stock pile of them made. They sell really well as gifts, especially at Christmas, and that's when I'm insanely busy and don't have time to make them. I know it's mad to be mentioning the 'C' word in July, but I've started making stock in August before and still been swamped come Nov/Dec.

To see lots more of my brooches go to my facebook album here.


  1. I like your blog, its friendly and readable...not too busy, and I'm always interested in markets of all kinds.

  2. Aw thanks a million, that's really nice to hear!!


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