25 Jul 2010

Treasury Bonanza

I've been featured in 5 treasuries this week on Etsy. It seems to happen in fits and spurts, for weeks there could be nothing, and then suddenly a flood of them. I'm really chuffed with these ones, as I found loads of new shops with amazing items. I'm really trying to be very good and save up for my button press machine, but I'm very nearly there. So a shopping spree might have to occur soon to reward myself for all my hard work at being frugal.

And to return all this kindness of people putting me in their treasuries I made this sparkly blue one during the week. For about half a day it was on the first page of treasuries which was pretty exciting, it's definitely the best reaction I've ever gotten! It's also great because the items are all from Etsy Ireland Team members

1 comment:

  1. ahhh I had NO IDEA that your treausy was on the main treasury page!! I got HEAPS of hearts and I was trying to figure out where they were coming from!! :) Cool stuff!


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