3 Jul 2010

Wip Box Full of Brooches

I got loads prepared this week for my work in progress box(or wip box as it's cutely called in the crafty blogosphere).I have stupid amounts of off-cuts of felt, I went through them all with my card circle template and cut out loads of circles in lots of different colours. I then paired these cirlces with cute ribbons and buttons or flowers, composing and co-ordinating each brooch. I then bagged each of them up separately with a brooch back.
This means that I have a handy amount of work ready to go, whether I'm at the market or watching a dvd. It cuts out the awkward and fiddling stages of cutting and co-ordinating. I got about 40 of these little projects prepped this week. I was so glad I went to the bother as yesterday was incredibly slow at the market and my sewing saved me from mind numbing boredom. I got at least 10 new brooches sewed,when you've got a hectic schedual like mine it's really good to be able to kill two birds with one stone like this.
I'm also trying to discipline myself to use other colours outside of my usual favourites. This has is beneficial in two ways, firstly I'm using up all the felt that I had previously left at the bottom of the box, and secondly it means that I'm making work to suit other peoples tastes. Sometimes when I'm designing things I forget to work outside my default palettes, and it's good work practice to shake things up a bit. Above are some of the more interesting combinations that I've never used before. I'm also in the process of trying to use up the materials I have at the moment instead of buying more, mostly due to my lack of space for my ever increasing amount of materials.

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