28 Jul 2010

Monthly Artisan Craft Fair

I'll be selling tomorrow at a great craft fair in the Milk Market, the Monthly Artisan Craft Fair. The organisation for this has been shopped outside of the regular organizers and it looks like Christine has done an amazing job. All the market stalls are full, and there is loads of talent coming form all around Ireland. Some of the readers of Etsy Ireland might recognise people like Bonzie, Stradbally Jewellery, and Feltfieltrofilc, as they are fellow team members. Check out her website for a full list of traders, or join her facebook fanpage here.
Christine has organised an amazing array of entertainment for the entire day, from a harpist, live blues, and then trad, between 2.00-3.30pm there will be entertainment for the kids too with face painting and puppetry.
If the punters turn up it is set to be an amazing day, a fair that I will happily take part in on a monthly basis. It's a stunning venue, with great facilities so it makes sense that it should be a resounding success.

Trading times: 12-7pm
Date: Thursday July 29th

Pictures Courtesy of Bock the Robber


  1. Hey Ruth!!

    Do you think it'll be still going strong by 5.30 - I'm working until 5 but would love to pop down! :) - I'll deliver your card to you! :)

  2. I can't wait to call in tomorrow :)

  3. What an amazing venue! next time i'm up in Limerick I'll have to check it out! ;D

  4. Yep, I'll be there til 7pm Rebecca, it's a more expensive stall fare so I'll be getting my moneys worth and staying till the last minute!

    Mags- yep I'm really excited about it too!

    Tanya, it's an amazing space, and this monthly event would be right up your alley. Don't forget to send me your address so I can send you that paper.

  5. oh golly i would adore that, pity limerick is so far away. enjoy the day, take pics and tell us all about it xx


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