7 Jul 2010

Super Mario Relaxation

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and from John I received the unexpected present of Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. To be honest when I opened I wasn't disappointed but I was a little surprised. It's me for godssake ,when do I have time to play the Wii, I'm always working. I left it unwrapped in the box for a couple of weeks. Even though I was really busy I put it on one night just so he wouldn't get too offended, and it's actually great. It's entertaining with ingenious little platform game touches that make it really fantastic. It's easy to pick up, and put down, you don't have to play it for ages to get into it. Apparently that's exactly what John was thinking when he bought it, he knew I was up to my eyes with work, and he knew I should be taking more time for R&R. So he bought me a game to force me into doing it. Sometimes the presents you least expect are the best ones....thanks baby I love it(eventually)!!

1 comment:

  1. That is sweet! a great game, too.
    Happy belated birthday, Ruth!


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