16 Feb 2011

Broaching Photos of Brooches

I had previously listed some brooches in my etsy shop, but I was never that happy with the photography as they were just sitting on a white background. This morning I played with using a mannequin and a scarf. I'm still not totally happy with the pictures, but I wanted to get them listed, so I put them in the shop. I figure I can play with some other set ups down the line, but for the moment they will have to do.
Have any of you had to photograph brooches before? It's kind of a tough one to make them look interesting. Next time I might try a better background, I would like something bright, but not as overpowering as the stripes.


  1. These are so cute!! (sew cute?) :P

    I just recently added some brooches to my shop. I just photographed them in my normal set up. On a mannequin, nothing special. Yours look very creative!

  2. Thanks Rachel!
    I'm gonna try using a model, I got a friend to agree to it, I'll post the results here when I get around to shooting them


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