24 Feb 2011

New Needle Books

I'm so delighted with my photography studio, I just finished making these needle books tonight and I was able to take photos of the straight away and list them in my Etsy shop, oh the joy of lamps and a tripod!
I've been meaning to make these for ages, and I've had loads of requests for them at the stall. They are really handy for using up scraps of ribbon and odd buttons. I used rectagles of felt that I had already cut to make my iphone cases. I just added a bit of embellishment with some nice material and ribbon to the front. I also made the 'pages' double layered, in two different colours of felt, as it would make the book sturdier. So far I've only listed the green ones in my etsy shop, in an effort to have some listings for St.Paddys Day themed treasuries. They are really fun to make, albeit more time consuming than you would think. If they go well at the stall this weekend I'll definitely make lots more.


  1. I've been making needlebooks lately too (if I stop giving them to my friends they will make it to my etsy store). Yours are just lovely!

  2. These are a fantabulous idea!!!! I've never seen these before. uber cute!!

  3. Thanks Nancy!

    Miss Educator-yeah I had never heard of them either until people started asking me to make them. Then I did a bit of research and came up with a pattern pretty easily.


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