18 Feb 2011

Short But Sweet Movie Reviews

I've been doing some brooch sewing this week while watching some dvds. Firstly can I just say 6 old movies for €10 from Moviedrome on Henry Street is quite the deal! On top of that you get great service and advice unlike in evil Xtravision. It's also an added bonus as I don't have tv, so if I decide I want to veg out it's either: rent a film, or faff online.
This week I watched:

This is about a lobbyist who works for the tobacco companies in the US, and all the moral grey areas and acrobatics that would go along with this job. A film I should have liked but I was a little bored to be honest. There was nothing wrong with the performances or script, but it was just a little flat. Maybe it was a case it was a better book than film.
Wow that was a ...em...well interesting! I only rented it because it has Julianne Moore, who is a fantastic actress who never fails to deliver. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but prepared to be a little shocked. Aside from the shocker, I thought it was a stunningly shot film, with beautiful and subtle performances. It was quite evocative of it's era, with all it's money and privilege. I was quite surprised when I looked on rotten tomatoes to read the reviews, it got a very low percentage, it was like people didn't really get it.
Even though my housemate said she wasn't made about this film I really enjoyed it. It's about a food blogger taking on the challenge of cooking a crazy amount of complicated dishes in one year. Maybe I liked the familiarity of watching a film about a blogger, I don't know. I thought the performances from Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, were really believable.

This was another shot in the dark, just renting it having never heard of it. It's the story of a radio hosts relationship over the phone with a young boy with AIDS. There is a turn half way into the film that changes the film into a mystery. I enjoyed the later half of the film, but in the end it's kind of forgettable. Interesting to know it's a true story though.

This is another film that I looked up on rotten tomatoes, it got an amazing review, which I'm not entirely convinced it deserved. It's a really enjoyable thrilling chase film, with good casting, but I wouldn't mark it down as my favourite film any time soon. Think Russian cops, drugs, a train, tourists and you get the idea of where the film is going.
I found this film one of the more interesting out my selection. It set around a guy in his late teens who has been released from prison after committing murder. It shows a journey he takes with a young girl, all the while being followed by a cop played by Russell Crowe. This film raised interesting questions, in a story that could have otherwise been flat. I enjoyed the tone and performances especially from Sophie Traub.


  1. aaaahhhhhhhhhhh Julie and Julia!!! I think this may have been where my blog dream started!! I think this deserves my attention again...

  2. I loved Thank You For Smoking, if only because of Aaron Eckhart.

    And I agree with you on Transsiberian. No idea where those good reviews came from.

  3. Miss Educator-yep I can see myself re-watching it alright

    Darren-yep that's what the guy said about thank you for not smoking when I returned it yesterday, he looked at me a little askance when I said I didn't like it.


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