14 Feb 2011

Happy Love Day

I got boobs for Valentines from my boyfriend and I'm delighted!

Well rather I got this pin-up a day calender from Taschen, it's fantastic and it's got loads of pin-ups that I've never seen before. It's also useful as I can write little reminders for myself and it comes with a holder so I can sit it on my desk. Is it strange that John bought me what is essentially vintage porn rather than me buying it for him? I also got a very pretty necklace and a book about boxes...strange, but very interesting as I'm a design nerd. I'm chuffed that he knows me well enough not to buy boring things like chocolates and roses, it's also our 4 year anniversary this week, sadly he will be on a college trip in Dublin, but we had a lovely weekend so I don't mind too much.


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