23 Feb 2011

Thanks a Bunch:Set on Notecards

I've been sending nice thank you cards with some of my larger orders lately, and I made one for my friend Branden yesterday when he made his second Etsy sale in his shop. It was only when I saw how impressed he was with the little note card that i thought I might make some sets of them to sell. They are smaller than my regular cards, at 10cm (4") squared. I had originally bought these to make RSVP for my friends wedding and I had some left over.

I used some lovely paper I bought recently in Cork, and my new paper punch, then added images and text with some stamps that matched the mood of the paper. I've wrapped them up in brown ribbon to sell at the market, and I've also listed a set in my Etsy shop. There are 5 in the set for €10.


  1. VERY sweeet - you have such a go eye to know when to stop embellishing. This are great - I really love the personalised stamp on the back - some day I too will have one (once I am as popular as you, hahaha).
    I don't do weddings anymore - stationary or photography - too stressful, so the money isn't exactly flowing, haha

  2. Carrie-usually I embellish a little too much but I decided to keep the same formula for all of them. I kept it simple so I could keep the price down.

    Thanks Mags! I sold a pack today at the market...selling cards on etsy is nigh on impossible


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