15 Feb 2011

A Nice Ring To It

As I've mentioned on the blog before I'm in love with the work of Amelie Gagne, her paintings are amazing and hopefully one day soon I'll be able to spoil myself and buy one to add to my growing art collection. In the meantime she has set up a new Etsy shop selling her prints, and these fantastic rings.
We did a bit of a swap and I received my ring the other day, along with this beautiful magnet. I wore my ring the other day and I got endless compliments on it, not just passing ones, but people asked me to take it off so they could try it on. It's really great to be able to wear her art and it made me smile all day long when I looked at it. I think I might have to treat myself to one of her pendants too, as her palette matches all of my wardrobe, and they are just so sunny and playful.
Amelie is originally a native of Quebec, Canada but has been living in Kilarney in Co.Kerry since 2001, she is also one of the new members of the fast growing Etsy Ireland Team.
To see more of her work here are some useful links.

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