13 Feb 2011

Learning to Drive

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For a long time now I've been saying I need to learn how to drive, but I had nearly become something I was saying like a parrot but not actually doing anything about it. I'm 28 years of age and I got behind a drivers wheel for the first time the other day. I was a little terrified but I knew I was in good hands with my friend Branden, which is a confident driver, but is also patient and understanding. I was really surprised at how quickly I took to it, as my parents are not the worlds best drivers, and none of my siblings learned before the age of 30 to drive. After a few spins around the house, and after getting used to not having power steering I was happy handling the car.

Later that evening we went for more lessons around a local car park, which was nice to let loose a little. I got into second gear, did some reversing and even practiced parallel parking. Now I can't wait to go do my theory test and get my previsional licence so I can get out on the road. Before I felt I should learn to drive, rather than actually feeling a real excitement for it. Now I just need to win the lotto so I can buy a car/van and pay for insurance!


  1. that's great, Ruth! well done!

  2. You sound much better than me already.when I went for my first driving test after a gazillion lessons the examiner got out of the car shaking and informed me I should never be left behind the wheel of a car.

  3. The independence of being able to drive your own car anywhere in the world is one of the best feelings ever. You're well on the road now (pardon the pun ;) ) x

  4. Thanks ladies!!
    Miss educator, puns are great!


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