4 Apr 2012

Free Political Printable

I've been seeing loads of nice free printables recently on Pinterest and decided to try my hand at making one. I've done my fair bit of design before in the past but it was still quite a challenge to wrap my brain around making this text based image. It's about balancing colours, fonts, and information in a pleasant way that is still legible. So don't be too harsh on me I'm only a newbie! I would like to make this a weekly feature though as I enjoyed the process and learned a lot.

When looking for a good quote I stumbled upon this George Bernard Shaw quote that seems all too fitting for our currently political situation in Ireland, it seems like not much has changed on these shores.

This print is free for you to download for personal use(just click the image to make it larger, right click and save), but is not for resale. Feel free to share on your website, facebook and twitter, but please refer back to this post as a courtesy. Hope you like it.
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  1. Great blog - glad I came across it. Love the items you're making. Cute pin cushions etc. All the best, Kelli in County Antrim.

    1. Thanks a million, it's always lovely to hear from a new reader

  2. Great quote and fantastic art work, going to my facebook page and credited back


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