2 Apr 2012

Branding and Packaging

I've been humming and hawing for ages about ordering small jewellery boxes, I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with Kraft, white, or blue boxes, or even who to order from. After lots of research I chose to go with Box Displays, and I'm delighted I did. I ordered 200 of these 8cm cotton filled shiny teal boxes and it only came to just under €68 including postage. Not only that, but they arrived freakily fast, I ordered them late on Thursday and I got them Friday morning, pretty amazing huh?

Since I'll be using them in the craft shop for my brooches and necklaces I wanted to put my personal stamp on them. I've seen lots of people wrap a white paper label around on the top lid, which looks great, and I was just about to do this when I remembered that I have sticker paper. I got packets of 10 sticker sheets in the €2 shop for only €1.50, and they work in my home printer. I whipped up a few layout sheets in Photoshop, making sure that all on my website/online details were on them. I also made little labels to go under/over the pieces to explain what they are. After lots of chopping and sticking I packaged all of my new jewellery and I must say I'm pretty chuffed with the result. They look so much better than the labels I was using previously. I've also discovered that people really like getting pieces in a box as it's already gift wrapped, and it makes the piece look more substantial.

Old packaging

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  1. Love the colour of the boxes Ruth. Rather posh!

    I recently bought sleek black pillow boxes which are really great for shipping as you can stuff em fat with straw to prevent denting, but not so hot for display. I have to stick to the rectangular ones for that.

  2. Very nice! I was in the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin yesterday, u should go if u havent been, I hadnt before, lots of lovely asian prints, bookbinding etc. And the shop there has lots of lovely notebooks, boxes, cards, wrapping paper etc I think u would like :) (AND it's free in AND there's a lovely cafe and garden, it was a good sunday!) Val.

  3. They are gorgeous and very funny :D

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