11 Apr 2012

Button Necklaces

I had an idea a while back that I wanted to make button necklaces to match my button rings, but I wasn't sure how to do it. I wanted them to be a pendant style, so I knew I needed something to attached them to so that they could be joined to a chain. I remebered a pair of earrings I bought about a year ago that had an embellishment glued onto a disc with a hook. Armed with this vague description I started Googling and eventually found what I was looking for...these little guys below...

These essential parts arrived in the post yesterday morning and I couldn't resist clearing my days plans and playing with lots of buttons. I salvaged some buttons from a hair clip experiment that went badly wrong, and I mixed and matched them with some new buttons I bought recently. I also had some ball chain left over from making shrink plastic necklaces.

I really like how they turned out; they are simple, bold, and effective. They also work well with the button rings to wear as a mismatched set. To view a full album of images head over to this Facebook album. Or to purchase any of them head over to this Etsy listing and grab yourself a necklace for only €5!

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