20 Apr 2012

The Return of my Handmade Cards

It's been a long while since I made any cards, now that I think of it, Christmas was probably the last time. I'm hoping to have enough to put out my card rail at the stall tomorrow. I have 20 made so far and if I keep plugging away at it, I should get there. I have my Tad Williams audio book to keep me company. The end picture is for my new stickers. I used to use a stamp, but it has my old website address on it. These look far more professional, I printed them myself on sticker paper that I get in the €2 store. I also made up a bunch of new designs for my stickers that include; poppies, a Mr. Darcy type man, ice-cream, rainbows and ice-pops.

As usual these cards are only available from my stall, and are €4 each or 3 for €10.

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