10 Apr 2012

What I'm Wearing: Red and Black Dress

I tried to do a what I'm wearing post about this dress before but the photos were pretty awful so I didn't want to post it, and since I've posted a few less than lovely pics of myself already that's saying a lot for how bad they were! I bought this dress in The Edge, where I also got this dress, to wear on Christmas day. As it's made of t-shirt material its super comfy, which gave me lots of room to stuff my face with festive tasty things. Funnily enough I ended up going out for dinner the day I took this picture too (in Marco Polo, and it wasn't too bad either).

Dress: The Edge €30
Shoes: Schuh €110
Ring: My own design, retails at €5
Haircut; Free, I did it myself on Tuesday and just paid €6 in my local chemist for the dye, can you tell I'm flat broke at the moment??

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  1. Love the dress, Ive only been in The Edge once..will vist again I think, thanks.

    1. Be careful!! You might become addicted to The edge like I am!

  2. Look at your hair! :D Super cute Ruth and the dress and booties are delish!!

    1. Thanks! The hair looks a lot better when i make the effort to blow dry it, but thankfully I can get away with washing and ignoring it too...low maintenance is key!

  3. Both color are really attractive because your color is bright.

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  4. Love the dress on you! So pretty you look!


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