18 Apr 2012

What I'm Wearing; Polka Dot Pencil Skirt

I've been looking for a pencil skirt for ages, and also a polka dot skirt, and then magically I found two in one! I like clashing patterns, especially spots with stripes, it as a little to too chilly to wear this sloppy backless top without something underneath; the stripes seemed like an obvious choice. 

If you are wondering what on earth I'm standing beside, it's a 10 foot light box made by my incredibly talented friend Norma Lowney. It's a wall paper pattern silk screened onto tracing paper, and mounted in a large box, I use it as a large lamp in the evening.

Boots: €10 ,charity shop
Skirt: €11 Pennies
Top: striped top years ago in Dunnes €6
Top: Black loose backless t-shirt Pennies €8
Button Bracelet: Magpie and Button €20
Button Necklace: €1 at a flea market
Hat: €2 in Claire's Accessories 
Belt: €3 Pennies

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  1. That skirt is from Penny's! Wow! I love it... very cute :)

  2. ...you look great! My compliments to your friend Norma!

  3. I know Hazel, I couldn't quite believe my luck!

    Elettrarossa- I have a second one in my bedroom, it's nice low lighting


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