28 Apr 2012

80's Nostaligia-Research for a costume

I'm going to an 80's party tonight for my friends birthday, while researching costume ideas I came across too many cool things that I had to put them all in one place! It's a bit scary to realise I don't need to buy anything to wear to thew party, it looks like I have all of it already that's to this whole 80's revival at the moment. The key difference between then and now is to cross the ugly line, the neo 80's thing is far too cool.

My brother had an Atari 800xl and we had to load our games on a cassette, the really good games like this, The Black Lamp, it took 30mins to load, and when you died there was no such thing as a continue, you had to load it and start all over again. Heartbreaking but amazing at the same time. Because of the load time, and also because I'm the youngest I mostly watched my siblings play this and rarely got to play it myself.

Myself and my sister has one of the Pogo Balls, I loved it, and to be honest I would really like to have a go on one now. Do they sell them anymore???

I became a little obsessed with The Breakfast Club in the 90's when I actually was a teenager!

Nom, noms, so much sugar!
This is actually something you can buy now as a retro gift.

I had a Gem doll, I loved her, she was way cooler than Barbie, so it made it ok to play with dolls.

I only recently remembered that my love of audio books started at an early age, I had a He-Man and She-Ra  storybook on cassette that I listened to on my Walkman. Not much has changed, I still listen to stories about Princesses, dragons, and warriors with mighty swords!

I think this would make a great group 80's costume, you would just have to borrow a lot of white guitars, and spend a while regrowing your eye-brows. It's Robert Palmer by the way.

I was very tempted to go as Sous Sisoux , as it's pretty much how I dressed as a teenager in the 90's, but all of those clothes are in boxes in my parents house.

My costume will probably look something similar to this, I have the white shoes, the leg warmers, the fishnet tights. I also have a short netted skirt(but sadly it's brown) but I'll layer a blue one on top. I just need to figure out my top and accessories, easily done since most of my clothes are some shade of rainbow. I also have the added benefit of owning a t-shirt transfer machine, so i can whip something up easily.

Photos of my eventual outfit will follow next week.

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  1. oh the nostalgia...don't forget the coloured mascarra and matching eyeliner! My fave was royal blue. Rimmel ruled in the late 80s.

    1. How did I forget the blue eyeliner? I actually have some


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