27 Apr 2012

Hotty But Notty: Louis Theroux

Hotty But Notty (Part 16): Louis Theroux 

My Hotty But Notty series has returned at last! To those of you who missed it let me explain. For years I've gotten a slagging from my friends for fancying nerds, and never the typical Hollywood 'hot' guy, most of them thought I was a little nuts. Well it turns out there is a word to describe people who find intelligence sexually attractive, it's sapiosexual, I'm glad there are enough people like me to warrant a word. Last year I started a fun series called Hotty But Notty to champion the a-typical hotties in the world and I was delighted with the response I got. Some previous entries have included David KrumholtzMark Kermode, Christopher Eccleston, and Tim Roth. The only reason I stopped was that I started to run out of candidates. I'll continue to post these entries on a Friday, but I probably won't do one every week...unless I get some suggestions from you guys.

This weeks candidate is Louis Theroux; the thinking ladies totty. He is a documentary film maker who records the lives of the weird and wonderful in a bumbling non-judgmental English manner. He has done programmes on the porn industry, a brothel, a prison, a religious cult, and plastic surgery to name just a few topics. He tends to let his subjects show their own madness, and then quietly and gently guides them through logical questions about their bizarre lives.

I think it's this quietness mixed with his obvious intelligence that is so charming, there isn't a brash series of judgments, more a naive curiosity to learn. He is tall and gangling, and always seems to be making himself smaller in a room, maybe in a effort to make those he is interviewing more at ease.

Another thing that he does brilliantly is playing the straight man in a bizarre situation. In the video below you can watch him asking a manager about becoming a body builder, and very strangely the conversation leads to selling soiled underwear.

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  1. Mine are Dr Brian Cox and Hugh Fearnley Withingstall at the moment. Love Christopher Ecceslton.

    1. Definitely Brian Cox! Hugh was one of my first installments into the series, as he started out as a teenage crush, a very weird one to explain to my friends :-)

  2. Ha that's great! I totally agree. I've always been more attracted to nerdy guys. My favorite is Jonathan Safran Foer. What a babe!

    1. Amanda, I was familiar with his work, but I had never seen a pic until your comment, yep I'd have to say I'd agree!


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