24 Apr 2012

Juxtapoz Illustration Book

Since I've been doing some drawing again recently I started paging through my collection of illustration books. I built up my modest library mostly getting them as presents, or buying good art books when visiting galleries or good bookshops when I'm away. I bought Juxtapoz Illustration when I was away in London a few years ago, Juxtapoz is an art and illustration magazine and this a compilation book. The sticker on the back says I paid £20 for it, an alright price for a hard back book. I picked out a few of the more interesting artists in the book...

(I found the book here on Amazon if you are interested)
Tomer Hanuka is a New York based illustrator. I love his use of line and block flat colours, this piece particularly reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley's work, who I was a little obsessed with in college.

Mode2 is a graffiti artist based in London, this piece is much more classical that the rest of his work, but it reminded me of years of travelling on buses and train to visit my parents; all these tiny special moments that you get to see of other peoples lives. I love people watching, and have drawn a few passengers in my time, I love this piece. 

I just had a look at Morning Breath Inc's website and his work seems really varied, he has done design work for the Foo Fighters and Slayer, but I must say that I prefer this style of work. I like the layering of text, flat colours with a defined line drawing on top, it appeals to the print maker in me. 

I love these collages by Eduardo Recife. I got big into collage in college, which is probably why I love card making so much. A friend of mine reminded me of a present I made for him years ago of a collage that I scanned in, transferred and made into a cushion. I had totally forgotten about it, but it sounds like it would be fun to do this kind of thing for the canvas bags.

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