8 Feb 2009

Bad Day at the Office

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I was in two minds about whether to write this post or not, but this an account of the good and the bad of my business, not just a sugar coated ad in disguise. As my previous post mentioned I was selling at Baker Place last night at the launch of Crude magazine. I was a quiet start to the evening, and we thought that the cold would keep everyone at home with the radiators and a bollte of wine. But a crowd gathered eventually, and the music was pretty rockin'. The launch for the magazine seemed pretty successful, but I'm not convinced a loud sweaty pub is the place to be selling clothes. On one hand it makes sense, go out and meet the exact people who would buy my stuff. Unfortunatly the demographic that likes distressed colourful, button laden clothes, tend to be poorer that church mice, and in the choice between beer or clothes; beer won.It's the first time I went to any market and sold absolutly nothing, and it was a bit depressing to wake up after a hard days preperation with nothing extra in the wallet. On top of that I even got abuse from a few people! I suppose mixing beer with peoples frustration at their lack of money can make them pretty irrate. I thought it was a bit much shouting at me like I was a fat cat business man, really the reccession is not my fault I swear.
On the upside it did push me to make 5 mens t-shirts, which I'll convince my boyfriend to model, and hopefully I'll have some photos by the middle of the week.
At their next Crude launch they said they would advertise the clothes bit a lot better, and apparently they will have live tattooing, so that should be pretty cool. I think I'll give it one more shot, it's always worth giving things a second chance. If I gave up after a few crap days I would never have gotten this business off the ground in the first place.


  1. Aw, sorry to hear you had a bad day. It was just that though, ONE bad day. You create amazing things, don't let it get to you.

    Good luck at the next one! ;)

  2. Don't let it knock you down Ruth. You're doing awesome work and it's starting to pay off. Keep at it!

  3. Thanks guys, that does make me feel better

  4. Jay suss, I hope I didn't verbally abuse you... I'm pretty sure I didn't but I did wake up on the Sunday going, 'What did I say?'to x y and z etc etc :-)

    Very hard to see clothes selling at one of those things, however surely it is equally as much about brand recognition. I know that I noticed your badges as we were paying in, so things like that can be good.

  5. No Shane it wasn't you! Just your general beligerant drunken asshole who likes to hang around pubs...I'm feeling much better now, that night has been wiped from my memory


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