4 Feb 2009

Mens line has begun

Well I was true to my word, I went straight upstairs and started work on my mens t-shirts. I got 2 patches made. I plan to sew the breakfast one onto a blue t-shirt and send it to Ian Dempsey as a thanks for mentioning me on his breakfast radio show. I figure I can't really afford advertising at the moment so smoosing up to media people may be a good second best option. The second is a hand sewn felt burger, I must admit I'm really happy with how this turned out. I'm deciding whether to put this on the back of a hoodie with some other stuff, or to have it on a t-shirt. They took just under an hour each, and attaching them will take only about 10 mins each. I'm thinking 35 euro for a t-shirt, or maybe 40, any opinions on the price?
Sorry for the poor picture quality, I have the worst scanner known to man, but I was just so excited and I wanted to share.


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