5 Feb 2009

Computer Heaven

I'm riding the beautiful wave of a purchasing high, as I have just bought this beautiful machine. As my regular readers know I have been dangerously close to murdering my aging computer, and so I've been planning on buying a new machine for quite some time. Because I need such a high spec computer price was a bit of an issue during the present climate. Then low and behold my good friend John text me to let me know that Aldi were selling a great tower for only 499 euro!I have been told that to buy the equivalent computer elsewhere would cost about 1100 big ones. So in my logic to hell with the recession I just saved 600 quid...that said I'm feeling the pinch a little, I'll need to sell a whole lot of buttons to make up for that.

If you are reading this A)In Ireland B)Today, thursday and C) In need of a computer....head down to aldi..or just check this out and drool


  1. Hey Ruth, congratulations on the purchase.

    Crap pc's are soooooo frustrating. Best of luck with the new one, I'm so jealous of your 4GB RAM!

    Here's to many days of happy designing and blogging for you :)

  2. Ruth... You're killing me here. Mostly because I know my signifigant other will kill me if I go buy this. But it's soooooo pretty.

    I writhe in Jealousy.

  3. Ian, Yep there is a large part of me that is really a geeky boy who loves all things computery, sci-fi, fantasy novels and techy ...funny all the things my boyfriend hates.

    I just got home from work, it's still in the box...it's calling to me

    Thanks Magatha-May


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